Crime Theater

A Radio Drama Series featuring audio only, the way people enjoyed their entertainment in the 1920s

Referred to by a listener as "Movies for the Blind", Crime Theater is an audio-only program, leaving the visuals up to the imagination of the listener. Unlike 'spoken books', Crime Theater features character voices, extensive sound effects and background sounds and music, creating a true movie experience where the visuals are in the imagination of the listeners.

Crime Theater is developed, created and produced by John Lister and Marlene Baker.

History Reborn

There was a time, nearly one hundred years ago, when crime dramas filled the radio airwaves. In a world without television, people tuned in and enjoyed dramatic programs on their radios.

Weekly Episodes

Our episodes are aired weekly, but older episodes will always be available here on the website. You needn't miss any of the excitement. (and you don't need an old radio)

A Radio Advantage

In today's world, you may listen to Crime Theater on a number of mobile devices, on regular radio (where available) and on our website.

What is Crime Theater?

Crime Theater brings back the thrills and excitement of the 1920's radio drama programs, but with a new twist. Because our episodes are pre-recorded in modern studios, we can mix them and add sound effects, which was not possible in the early days of radio.

Crime Theater is an adult-oriented entertainment program, with some violence, mild sexuality and other adult-themed content. For this reason, we recommend that only adult listeners tune in. We hope to keep you on the edge of your seat as the stories unfold.

Our cast of characters are believable, each of them with some good and some bad qualities. This is a story about the seedy side of life in a city of desperate people, some of whom are up to no good. Although each episode tells a tale of its own, they add to a growing story about our fictitious city of crime, inhabited by fictional characters.

Listen Now

Here are the most recent episodes for your enjoyment.
Please follow this link to our SOUNDCLOUD page for season one:

The first half of season two is on Lou Bigma's soundcloud page:

The Cast

Here are our main characters in order of appearance:
Tap or click a character for their complete profile

Crime Theater would like to thank all of our amazing voice talent, especially Dwight Dugas, Shannon Dugas, James Brunet, and Erica Sinden.

We would like to especially thank Lachy Doley for his involvement in our project. For those who don't already know, Lachy Doley is a top songwriter, keyboard player and vocalist from Australia. Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple referred to Lachy as "The Greatest Living Keyboard Player in the World Today". Thank you Lachy for providing the voice and character of "Lucky Fingers Lachy" for Crime Theater. We appreciate it very much.


CANADA - Ontario - Cornwall: Jim and Ike show, Sundays at 4 on


Here are a few comments from some fans of Crime Theater:

      Luke Chesterman

"I have just listened to the first episode of "Crime Theater" and I Am HOOKED!!! I WANT TO HEAR MORE & MORE SCENES PLEASE!!! The ambience and sounds of the streets and footsteps are so riveting!!! I feel like I am right there. THIS RADIO SERIES & IDEA IS AWESOME!!! Please keep these episodes coming. I look forward to hearing more of what may happen to Marley in this series of unfortunate events. :D "
      Sandra Marlons

" Thanks Man. This is a really cool idea to bring back a crime radio show like this. I look forward to listening to more episodes. "
      Marcus Cook

"The first time I heard an episode of Crime Theater, it felt as if I was being swept back to an earlier place in time - Not only a time of gangsters, but also a time of the old home radios where families would gather to hear their favorite programs. I thoroughly enjoy Crime Theater and can't wait for the next episode."
      Kenneth Sanders

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