Constable Bailey

Constable Alastair Bailey had been on the force since he graduated Police Academy, five years earlier. Although he had vowed to uphold the law, and serve the public, the low pay and high danger had made him question his vocation as a police officer.

When bribes began being offered, it was not long before Alastair gave in to the temptation. The first one was simply fixing a speeding ticket, but then more offers came in, and Alastair found himself selling himself to whatever hoodlum was willing to pay for him to look the other way.

But then, while taking a criminal to the hospital, he met nurse Nancy and fell instantly in love. He believed in love at first sight, but apparently, Nancy didn't quite feel the same about him. At least not at first.

Once she realized Alastair was enjoying a standard of living higher than the average cop, she began to sweeten towards him, and he showered her in jewelry and furs. She began to think he wasn't so bad after all.

But bad cops make bad decisions, and one day Alastair would likely make a decision that would result in his little world collapsing, taking Nancy down with him. Could he put her in such a position, just because he loved money more than justice? Alastair wasn't yet sure, and knew the longer he strung Nancy along, the harder it would be to let her go.