Benedict Bigma

It turns out that One-Eye Bigma had a twin brother. Joining our story in season two, Benedict Bigma was the more intelligent of the twins, moving to our city of crime, and starting a lucrative business. It wasn't long before he drew the attention of the darker side of town, as money always attracted thugs here.

Benedict Bigma was well-spoken, obviously well educated, and a true gentleman. He had an air about him that ensured nobody messed with him.

He could have taken over Johnny's Joint, but let another thug have the honor. It wasn't because he wasn't a visionary, and didn't see the potential staring him in the face, but that he saw a much bigger potential in running a business that had been absent from the city, a furrier.

Living upstairs, in a heavily shielded apartment, his home was virtually impossible to rob, and he had the largest safe in town, in the back room behind the shop. Heavily fortified, it would take a small army to break in and attempt to rob him, so he continued to put all of his cash and valuables in that safe, as his success grew.

But was he the squeaky clean businessman he appeared to be? Perhaps there was some gangster blood in him, just waiting for the right time to come out.