Betty Bond

Betty Bond was a relative newcomer to town. Once Bigma's Furriers and Dolly's Diamonds had been established, young Betty realized that the town needed a fashionable ladies store, catering to the younger flapper generation.

Having recently graduated from college, she decided to move here to set up shop, even after Bigma's and Dolly's had both been robbed and shut down. She felt it would only be a matter of time until one or both shops re-opened.

She was right, as one did, and her fancy store, Betty Bond's Flapper Shoppe, became an instant hit with the wealthy, independent young women of this town.

Her start here was not the best though. She had attended the grand opening at the new Johnny's, but found herself being pushed into the dessert table, ruining her dress and hair, and having to leave the establishment, but not before having a photo taken, which wound up in the local paper.

This bit of notoriety turned out to be good for business, and women rushed to her shop to meet her and get fashion advice, buy dresses and perfume, and even get some pointers on the latest styles in makeup.

It seemed Betty Bond's Flapper Shoppe was a hit, and raking in some good money, which made it just the right kind of target for the darker side of this town.