Black Cherry

Black Cherry had been a regular pool player at the pool hall owned by Do-Bad MacDougall. After MacDougall had been killed, his moll, Dorothy Deville, had vowed to see that his wished came to fruition. She was expanding the pool hall using stolen money, but Black Cherry had quietly been watching from the sidelines.

Cherry was smart, and had some money of her own. She was also an expert gambler, having moved to our city from Las Vegas. She knew how to beat the system, and the day came when she would play Poker with Dorothy Deville, with the winner taking all, and I do mean all.

Eventually, Cherry created a little gambling empire of her own, with pool tables, off-track betting and casino games. Most of it was rigged with the house winning more than their fair share of the times, but this was Cherry's plan.

Of course, in this city, she had much larger plans once enough money had been saved up from the casino profits. Once that day came, Cherry would be ready to start a really big project. But that story is for another time, not just now.