Do-Bad MacDougall

Angus MacDougall was about as Scottish as they came. The story goes that he was in a bagpipe competition back in Scotland, and was one of the top two contenders for first prize. When the other man began to play, MacDougall yelled that he was out of the competition, and pulled a pistol out and shot his competitor.

Having a wicked temper, you'd think MacDougall might slip up from time to time, but he seemed to be able to keep his temper raging at a controlled pace. His hot head never got the better of him. It may have been age that gave him this self control, and nobody knew how old he was, as it was best not to ask.

Another story says that MacDougall used a special set of bagpipes to shoot a poison dart at someone. He must have had Doc's help with that one.

If Angus MacDougall wanted something, he's simply take it, whether it was a diamond, a car, or somebody's girl. If you didn't like it, he would take care of the problem by shooting you. Everyone knew this, and kept out of his way.

He left a trail of unhappy people behind, all muttering about what he had taken from them, yet nobody would do anything about teaching him a lesson. The one time someone tried to have him killed, he left the hitman in the middle of main street with a Scottish sword sticking out of his chest.

No, there was nothing to be done about Do-Bad MacDougall other than keeping away from him.