Dolly Diamonds

Dolores Delaney had moved here from a big city in the south, because she had gotten in a bit too deep with the local mob. Wanting a fresh start, she called herself Dolly and planned to get back into business.

Her business was diamonds. Buying them hot, selling for cool cash, making a profit with few or no questions asked.

She had her eye on Bigma's Furriers and wanted to set up shop nearby. Only problem was that she had no cash. She decided to find out who in this town did.

Convincing Johnny Ruffo to finance her, Dolly set up a jewelry shop called 'Dolly's Diamonds', just up the street from Bigma's Furriers, and began to eat into the disposable income of the rich and not-so-famous.

See, nobody got their money honestly in this town, and Dolly sure wasn't an exception to that rule. Marley never liked her from the start, but Johnny seemed to be taken in by Dolly's charms, and might have given her the world, if she'd asked for it.

But all Dolly asked for was a shop, some stolen inventory, and a safe. She'd take care of the rest, and Johnny would profit from it. At least, that's the story she gave Johnny.