Dorothy Deville

Miss Deville came across as a typical dumb dame who had grown up here, and probably dropped out of high school. But was there more beneath the surface than she was showing?

Her piercing gaze and sweet smile were enough to convince many men to do things they wouldn't normally have done, or in this case, to buy things out of their reach. This made her an ideal manager at Bigma Furriers, where she worked for Benedict Bigma.

Yes, she had a way of convincing men to spend. It was certainly in her eyes, but there was more to her than that. She had a confidence and a hidden air of authority that made most men agree with just about anything she might ask for.

Even her boss, Benedict Bigma, was not sure of what to make of her. She could sound like an uneducated poor girl one moment, and turn on some high-class charm if the need required it. Her job did require it, and she was perfect in the line of work she did for Benedict.

But was there a secret side to Dorothy? A side few ever saw? A dangerous side? It seemed as though she might have been moonlighting, influencing the movers and shakers in this town. And we all knew who those people were. They were the gang leaders.