Ella Fatalla

Ella Fatalla is a femme fatalle who came to our city of crime, straight off of the bus. She was hired right away as an extra dancer at Johnny's Joint, to give the other two girls more of a break.

Before long, it became obvious that Ella Fatalla could also sing, and quite nicely at that. A piano player was hired, and on Saturday nights, the Jukebox was unplugged, and the drinkers and dancers enjoyed the satiny voice of Ella Fatalla.

She lived a mysterious life, as nobody seemed to know where she had come from, or even where she lived. Her life was quite a mystery indeed because Johnny had some of his friends check on her, but nothing came up. She had a dual personality, but that's a whole other story.

She turned heads, and in this town, it meant that some of the thugs and gang leaders took notice of her, but none could find out anything about her.

Two things were certain about her, she turned heads, but never turned up when people tried to snoop on her. She was a mystery in this town, where any information could be easily bought.