Frankie the Frenchie

Francis Fontaine had been a member of the French Gangster organization, 'The Milieu', but quickly left the Pigalle neighborhood of Paris when he got in over his head. He took a boat and landed in our city of crime, where Johnny Ruffo immediately recognized his great potential.

Eventually becoming Ruffo's right hand man, Frankie was known to be able to infiltrate a mob, learn their secrets, then expose the criminals one at a time, finding ways to gradually dismantle the organization. Johnny Ruffo was counting on this to eliminate the Stone family once and for all.

Frankie was also a smooth talker, a charmer, and a social butterfly, often showing up at eleborate events, police functions, and other situations where a criminal would normally never show their face. He even made a speech when the new mayor was sworn in, with the politicians and legal community assuming he was some independent businessman.

What Johnny didn't realize was that once Frankie had taken care of Johnny's enemies, he then planned to become Johnny's adversary, secretly undermining Johnny's own crime organization.