Jimmy Stone

After Tucker Stone, former West Side Crime Boss was killed, and his mother, Ma. Stone had passed away at Johnny's, Jimmy showed up. Jimmy Stone was a distant cousin, come from a big city and loaded with cash. He had seen some new money coming to town and wanted to get his hands on as much of it as he could.

His first order of business was to set up an establishment that would put Johnnys to shame, and draw some of the spending away from Johnny. Second on the list was to establish a new crime syndicate.

Jimmy was young and had fresh, new ideas. He planned to make this city his own, with lots of people working the streets and businesses for him.

With his chief henchman, The Punisher, it didn't take very long before Jimmy had taken over much of the city, much to Johnny's dismay.

Yes, Jimmy Stone had left much of the city he left bankrupt, as dollar after dollar somehow wound up in his own bank accounts.