Johnny Ruffo

Johnny Ruffo was the crime boss of the East End of the city. He owned a hotel called Johnny's Joint which mainly consisted of a few exotic dancers on a stage, with a large open bar area served by a single waitress and one bar tender.

Johnny raked in a lot of dough, not just from the seemingly endless supply of drinkers, who spent freely in order to socialize without getting their heads shot off, but also coming in to enjoy the dancers in a town with little to offer.

Johnny himself enjoyed his scotch on the rocks, after the nights were over, and he lived very modestly in an apartment over the hotel. He originally came from Texas with his family's oil fortune, after they had passed away. He had relocated north, hence there remained a light southern drawl to his speech.

After aquiring the bar that came to be called 'Johnny's Joint' in a game of poker, he brought in a crew of henchmen, particularly Richard O'Shea, a paid sniper who just happened to be a bad shot.

Johnny Ruffo tried to act tough with everyone, but under it all, he had a heart. He also had a thing for his main waitress, Marley Bakersville, but felt he shouldn't let her know how he felt. As a result, he treated her rather poorly, but it was all an act, and Marley was able to see right through it, at least most of the time.