Lou One-Eye Bigma

Lou Bigma was a Jamaican who found himself in this cold town several years ago. He spent a year before that in Eastern Europe, living in Romania, before heading to our city of crime.

Lou was always a little quick-tempered and slow-witted. He would punch, yell, stab or shoot first, and think later. These tendencies had kept him in the small punk league for too long, and he was anxious to get in with a bigger crime gang. He didn't have much, no car, and not a nice place to call home. But his luck changed when he wound up working for Tucker Stone, the West end crime boss.

Lou had been a crack shot, with his 20/20 vision and his steady trigger finger, but all that changed one fateful day.

Johnny Ruffo had wanted Lou out of the way, and Marley had gotten in the middle of things. Before long, Lou found himself without his left eye, and with his trigger finger sewn onto his hand, after having had it cut off in a fight. As a result, Lou Bigma became the first thug in this town to have his eye poked out by his own finger.

The name "One Eye" stuck to him afterwards, a name he detested for the rest of his life.