Lucky Fingers Lachy

Lucky Fingers was an interesting character. He had come all the way here from the land down under, hoping to find a land of milk and honey. He had been playing organ and singing in the local bars, and continued once he arrived in our city of crime.

Lucky had a penchant for mechanical things, first cutting his teeth by repairing church organs, but church wasn't the place for Lucky. He decided to switch to guns, making them, repairing them, and then making them shoot more accurately and farther. But guns were fairly simple machines, and before long, he discovered the art of safe cracking.

Lucky got lucky the first time, when Johnny Ruffo heard about his mechanical skills and his incredible sense of hearing. Johnny had a safe in the back of the hotel that had been there when he bought the place. The former owner couldn't help with the combination, mainly because Johnny had shot him.

The day came when Lucky was called in to crack the safe. With an ear to the door, Lucky Fingers Lachy turned the dial, first one way and then the other, writing down the numbers. Sure enough, the safe opened, but it contained something other than cash, which at first disappointed Johnny Ruffo.

Lucky was available for hire, meaning Tucker Stone would also hire him on occasion. He was loyal to neither gang, but that is not how gang loyalty works, which Lucky later discovered the hard way.

This town gave Lucky the blues, so that in his spare time, Lucky Fingers Lachy began to travel the world as a composer, organist and singer in his own blues band, The Lachy Doley Group. In fact, if you follow the link, or tap his photo, you can learn a lot more about the real person behind this interesting character in our series.