Marley Bakersville

Marley Bakersville has been described as a "Bad Girl Trying to Go Good". A failed relationship left her alone in this town, and she found her way working as a waitress for Johnny Ruffo.

He had pushed for her to become one of his dancers, commenting that she had the body for it, but that just wasn't Marley's style. She convinced him she could bring him more money by befriending his clientelle and selling them the booze that brought him in so much money every night.

Marley lived alone in her own apartment, overlooking the same street Johnny's Joint was on, and just a few blocks away. This worked out nicely for her, other than on the rainy nights.

Although Johnny had given Marley some errands to take care of, including bringing in the West Side crime boss, Marley tried to fly under the radar, waiting for the day she could finally get out of this town.

Marley also wrote as a reporter for the Daily Sneaker, the local rag that most people read here. The publisher wouldn't have a female writer on staff, but Marley continued to send her stories in anonymously, and they kept getting printed. She hoped for the day she could be hired as a staff reporter and dump Johnny's Joint forever.

Although she loathed Johnny Ruffo in many ways, she also felt that he was protective of her, and had a soft spot for her, although he was usually a hard man. This may have sounded very touching, but Marley couldn't see herself as the girlfriend of a mob boss, so she tried to ignore Johnny most of the time. Although her brain told her to keep her distance, she couldn't help but feel drawn towards Johnny, and it seemed that she had been feeling closer as time went by.