Ma Stone

Tucker Stone, the West side mob leader, was raised rotten from the start. He learned all about stealing, lying and cheating from a very early age, thanks to his mother. Known simply as 'Ma. Stone', Mrs. Stone had trained Tucker to be the mob boss he had become.

She knew things, like how to set a car with explosives, or how to dump a body in a lake. She had a past, yet nobody dared ask her about it. It seemed to have something to do with fur storage, and corruption.

Yes, Ma Stone had replaced many a mink with lower quality fur, and sold off the real thing from under the nose of the owners.

It was even said that at one time, an entire mink farm operation was won in a poker game. Nobody really knew how or when she took possession, but these were all rumors about her. One thing that was not a rumor, was that she lived high off the hog, thanks mostly to her son, Tucker.

She was not someone to trifle with, despite her advancing years. She could pick up the phone to book a hair appointment one minute, and the next, call in a killer to do away with someone. Nobody ever messed with Ma. Stone, at least not if they knew what was good for them.