Mickey Finn

Mickey Finn was a big supporter of Johnny's Joint, in fact, he practically lived there. He loved to watch the dancers, and enjoyed the friendly banter with the waitress, Marley Bakersville.

After immigrating here from Ireland, he first wound up supporting Tucker Stone's hotel on the West side of town, but they only had cheap whiskey, not the good stuff Mickey was used to.

He had come to Johnny's Joint on a whim with some friends, and asked the waitress about Irish whiskey, and she promised they would get some in just for him. Sure enough, after a day or so, Irish whiskey was kept in stock, mostly for Micky's consumption, and so he stopped going to Tucker's place.

You could count on Mickey if you were in a pinch, because no matter how much he drank, he was always polite, helpful and respectful, even towards the half-dressed dancers.

Mickey was one of the good guys in this bad town, even if most people didn't know it. He kept to himself, watching the dancers night after night, and politely ordering more whiskey from the waitress.

Nobody knew where or if he worked, yet he always seemed to have money for drinks. In this town, it was best not to ask too many questions, but in Mickey Finn's case, he'd probably just give you a polite answer. Mickey was the one nice guy in this town were very little was nice. Will these seedy and shadowy surroundings affect Mickey in a negative way? Only time will tell.