Nurse Nancy

Nancy had studied at an out of town university, and returned to work as a resident nurse at the hospital in the West end. She fell in love with a doctor, but the doctor's wife found out and Nurse Nancy was let go.

She found work again at the smaller community hospital, taking care of mostly injured thugs. One of them introduced her to Tucker Stone.

Stone relied on her as his resident nurse, piecing together the damaged thugs who worked for him. She didn't earn anything near what she should have, but at least she had a job, even if it meant working for a crime boss.

She sidelined by writing a health column for the Daily Sneaker, although they printed the articles as though written by a doctor using a fictitious name.

Her life in medicine was limited to patching up thugs, but she was mostly satisfied. The part of her that wasn't satisfied hoped for the day she'd make it big as a health writer, or better yet, married to Tucker Stone. She knew that neither were likely to happen any time soon.