Patsy MacGuire

Patsy MacGuire was Tucker Stone's girl. She laid pretty low. You never heard much about her, but she was always there, whispering suggestions into Tucker's ear, influencing him, and giving him ideas.

Some people said that any new idea of Tucker's had been planted there by Patsy, because Tucker would do anything she wanted him to.

Patsy was a fan of the nightlife, of diamonds, gambling, and playing dangerously. It gave her a thrill to risk it all, yet come away unscathed.

Until Tucker picked her up as his moll, she was nothing but a struggling girl, making a bit of dough by working the men at the bars, promising a good time, taking their money, but mostly running out on them

When Patsy got caught in her own trap one night, it was Tucker who rescued her, and then fell for her charming appreciation. She had what Tucker wanted, even though he knew she wasn't loyal, faithful or honest.

Patsy was pretty, and wild enough to keep Tucker happy, and Tucker knew enough not to ask her too many questions. He'd only be disappointed in the answers anyway, as Patsy usually made her answers up on the spot.