The Punisher

When Jimmy Stone showed up in town, he brought his main henchman with him. Known simply as 'The Punisher', nobody really knew what his real name was. All anyone knew was The Punisher seemed to have no heart.

He was known as a man without a conscience, because he could kill or wound anyone without batting an eye. Whether he was killing a young thug, or an elderly person, it made no difference to The Punisher.

Although he was a paid killer, his real pleasure came from torturing his victims first. He loved to break things, and fingers were his favorite. He even set up some expensive deaths where cars and buildings were involved, but always used in ways that would maim and torture his victims.

It was believed by many, that The Punisher was crazy. Some even said he had escaped from a prison for the criminally insane.

Yes, if you lived in this town, you'd best stay out of the way of The Punisher.