Ricki Guns

Ricki Guns had started out in another city as a stripper. In the old days, she recalled how men only wanted to use her, or abuse her, and this was one reason she had moved here. But a bigger reason was that she had followed a man who had done her wrong, and vowed to get her revenge, somehow, some day, some way.

She had became one of Johnny's two main exotic dancers, shaking what she had on stage, but leaving some things to the imagination. But she didn't like how men only stared at her body, and never made eye-contact or any serious conversation.

Before long, she learned how to shoot a gun, and the name Ricki Guns, took on a whole new meaning. Working at Johnny's Joint, she quickly learned how to take care of herself, though there were nights when she felt vulnerable - especially walking the few blocks to the apartment she shared with another dancer named Shann.

Ricki and Shann got along quite well, but in this town, they both had to take a lot of abuse from Johnny. Ricki hated having to hand in her tips, and working long hours for less pay than she was worth. She realized it was either that or not working at all.

So Ricki continued at Johnny's Joint, happy enough to be dancing, and enjoying life as much as one could expect in this town. She hated the stares from the men, but danced the nights away, bringing home enough for the rent and bills, and always hoping she could make it big one day.

It may not have been the best life, but hey, it was a life, and that's a lot more than a lot of people ended up with in this town.