Rick O'Shea

Richard O'Shea was a second generation Irishman, his parents having lived here when he was born. His father had tried to teach him shooting with an air rifle behind the shed, but Rick was just not destined to be a good shot.

He grew up in the wrong side of town, and had begun to hang around with the wrong type of people, and before long, he found himself being called upon to take people out. He usually fired off all six shots, and got away with being a hitman, even though he considered himself lucky if just one of those shots hit his target.

When Johnny took over the hotel, Rick's father got killed working for Johnny. Johnny Ruffo had made a promise to the dying father to look after Rick, and so he looked out for him, and used him as often as he could.

Despite his horrible aim, he continued to be hired as a hitman, mostly by Johnny Ruffo. His name seemed very appropriate, as many of his shots would simply hit the brick walls and ricochet into the distance.

But anything is possible, and in this town, a shot as bad as Rick's could still earn him a job as a hired hit man, even if most of his shots missed. It was mostly because Rick didn't seem to mind killing people, after watching the way his own father died. He had a cold heart and thought of killing as just a job, nothing more, nothing less.