Shadowy Stranger

Little is known about our Shadowy Stranger, other than the way he died. He had been chasing Marley Bakersville one dark and rainy night when she was on her way home from work. She had ducked down an alley, and the man had pulled his car onto the sidewalk and gotten out, chasing her on foot.

Although we don't know why he was after her, in this town it was safe to assume he would have been up to no good.

His car was dark and fast, and he was well dressed, much the way many young people dressed after running into money. It was safe to assume the Shadowy Stranger had come into his money through dubious means. After all, the few good people of this town didn't usually go speeding in the dark and chasing innocent waitresses.

Although his part in our story had been brief, it helped to paint the dark colors of this old town, with its breed of characters that roamed the streets at night.

But don't feel bad for the Shadowy Stranger. For every thug like him, there were a dozen more waiting to take his place.