Shann Jones

Originally from New York, Shann moved here just a few years ago. The pay was a lot less, what with Johnny keeping all of her tips, but she no longer had the police after her.

The incident in New York was done in self-defence, but her ex was a bastard and told the cops she had attacked him unprovoked. With a little cash to help convince them, they were determined to pick her up and lock her away. But Shann had a better plan and moved to this city of crime. The New York cops were too scared to ever come looking for anyone here.

Shann shared an apartment with Ricki Guns, and was a dancer at Johnny's Joint. The two of them would usually walk home after a late night, and it provided a little sense of safety, though they knew nobody was ever safe on these streets - especially so early in the mornings.

Although Shann worked for Johnny Ruffo, the East end crime boss, she also played nicely with Tucker Stone, the West end crime leader. Maybe one day he'd make her an offer that would be better than the life Johnny provided. She kept her options open by pretending to like Tucker, and hopefully become his girl. But it never seemed to happen.

So until then, Shann shared the apartment with Ricki, and shared the dancing job at Johnny's Joint. This town owed her more than Johnny could ever give her, so she continued to toy with Tucker. Tucker was easy on the eyes, but hard on his dames. Could Shann ever be trusted? She hoped people wouldn't see her dual identity, and continue to think of her as just another dancer, everyone except Tucker Stone, that is.