Tucker Stone

Tucker Stone was a very bad man. He ran a hotel in the West side of town, but it was mostly a front for extortion and bank jobs. He was no small-time crook, and owned a late-model car, and even had his own driver to bring him around town.

When he wasn't having safes blown up, he was gunning down those who opposed him. As long as nobody stood up to him, he'd leave them alone, but the minute anyone was in his face, he'd have them knocked off.

He loved to stage accidents for his enemies, providing the traditional cement shoes, or buying an old car to rig with explosives, or send off a pier into the river.

He could have had any women he wanted, and many threw themselves at him. One in particular seemed fond of him, and her name was Shann. Yes, this Shann was working for Johnny Ruffo, while wanting to romance Tucker Stone. Dangerous business, romancing a crime boss, and Tucker Stone had gotten rid of more than one dame. Dames were a dime a dozen, and easy to lose with just a bit of something in their drink, or an accident in traffic. What a shame so many died, but Tucker Stone would just laugh inside whenever he set up one of their assassinations.

Never mind the dames, he had killed his share of enemies and associates too. Nobody ever felt safe around Tucker Stone, and that was just the way he liked it. One day someone might put a bullet in him, but for now, it was his bullets that ruled the West side of this town.