The Undertaker

Nobody knew his real name, because he refused to give it. The Undertaker was who you called when you had a complicated hit job to be done.

He had come from Chicago, and had learned the ropes well. He was said to have no heart, and a mind of steel when it came to killing. Having lived most of his life in the crime scene, he knew no other lifestyle.

This city was the perfect place for the Undertaker, as there was always somebody wanting someone else taken out. He had taken out plenty, many a cheating wife, a crooked mob member, and even a cop or two.

He was so good, that nobody could ever pin anything on him, no matter how many times he had been arrested, charged, jailed, and gone to court. He was always released on lack of evidence. He never used a lawyer either, preferring to tell a story that was believed by every judge and jury he had ever told a story to.

Refusing the help of the Witness Protection Plan, he chose to live where anybody could take him out, if they dared. One or two had tried, and wound up dead.

Yes, in this town, nobody ever messed with the Undertaker.